We’re not dead yet…

Well, not all of us.

But the last several months have been fairly, well, unstable, depressing, and generally unpleasant, and as I don’t like inflicting that sort of nonsense on you guys, I’ve been just keeping my head down, mostly.

But it turns out that a man can get really bored blocking spam comments for a Viagra Injury Lawyer. (Yes, really. I do not want to know any more about this than I already do, which is to say not a damn thing at all… but I did get a batch of them about a week ago.) And, too, you can only gaze at the tops of your boots for so long before it becomes time to make a new pot of coffee and charge up the batteries for the cameras, and go see if there’s still any there, there.

So last weekend I swung by the Houston Heritage Society compound in Sam Houston Park for the “Frontier Family Day” event. Nothing major, nothing particularly new, just a chance to take Rommie II out for a spin and wander through the park.

First stop was, of course, The Old Place, an early 1820s vintage Log House, restored and furnished in the style of a typical early Texas Frontier home. (The Old Place was actually located in an area that’s now slightly south of downtown Houston, but only a few miles away.)

While there, I had the pleasure of meeting David Thomas, the official Registrar. He’s the guy that takes care of the artifacts and records at the Heritage Society. Neat gig. He says he doesn’t normally do much of the costumed interpretation but today was an exception. Very nice man, obviously knows his stuff. I made a point of getting his card, and we’ll be seeing more of this man later.

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