Hail And Welcome

We begin this new madcap adventure with photo essays, one major and one minor, covering events that are anything BUT “Traditional Texas.”

“Why?” you ask.

I’m SO glad you asked that.

It’s just this: I’m primarily a camera guy. Don’t misunderstand – I like words. I read a lot and I write almost as much and I’ve NEVER been accused of accidental brevity. For the last quarter-century, though, my first reaction to just about any experience has been “Did I get the shot?” Words are for later.

But there are stories that need words as much or more than they do photos, and unfortunately I’ve found a fairly small number of accomplished writers in my immediate circle who are interested in the same things I’m interested in: history, folklore, nature. People and places, but not “entertainment.”

So, in the best “if you want it done right” tradition… I have pens and paper and some clue how they’re used. What I need is a population of lab rats to test them on. Guess who?

Yup, you’re the lab rats. Welcome aboard.

There are places on most posts for comments, and they’re meant to be used. Ideas, feedback, suggestions, complaints… all welcome.

Comments are set up to be moderated, but that’s not personal – the evil spambots are part of a webmaster’s life these days, but I see no reason to subject the rest of you to them. So you may not see your brilliant ideas posted, but I promise they’ll be read and thought about. Maybe even used.

So. Enough of that. C’mon in, browse around. You’re safe now; the experiments start with the NEXT post….