Wayfaring Stranger…

Decided last week that cabin fever was settling in and I needed to get out again, so I sorted through the various events and places on my “gotta do this sometime” list and eventually settled on A Plan.

In Four Parts.

Part One: catch the time machine back to the 1840s and hop off at Fanthorp Inn to spend a couple of hours listening to the monthly Second Saturday Musicians.

Part Two: head east a little, pop up Home Sweet Nylon Taffeta Home at Stubblefield Lake, and spend Saturday Evening and Sunday Morning getting some serious training miles on the Lone Star Trail.

Part Three: Head into Huntsville for the last day of the Sam Houston Folklife Festival on the grounds of the Sam Houston Museum.

Part Four: return to Stubblefield Lake for another day or two wandering the forest.

On paper, it looked very very good.

And Part One went off very very well.

I got to Fanthorp Inn about 1:00, and the Star of Texas Dulcimer Gang was settled in on the front porch….


I said hello to the various musicians and the Guide/Interpreter/Ranger on duty, the redoubtable Adam Arnold (whom we last saw as a Christmas Bridge Troll at Barrington Farm in 2014) and went to work.


(clockwise from left: Mr. Arnold, Nancy, Ilene, Jerry, Kay, Natalie, and Dixie…)

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