Food. Beer. Dancing. Fun.

Spring is festival season in Houston, and this afternoon I’m hitting the 7th Annual Polish Festival at Our Lady of Czestochowa Church in West Houston. I’ve been meaning to do this one since festival year two – I’m only a little behind.

It’s somewhat unfortunate that I’m primarily a photographer. If I were a writer, I’d tell you about the market, where you could have acquired (among other things) intricately patterned blue china, wood carvings, spices, and gorgeous Christmas ornaments in fine glass.

I’d introduce Cronkite, a very friendly beagle and the “newshound” mascot of News 92 Radio.

I’d mention the food: pierogi, kielbasa, gotabki, barbecue, and a bunch of things I couldn’t even BEGIN to pronounce or spell. (I did succeed in eating some of them, though. Delish.)

If I were a beer drinker I’d probably sing the praises of the imported Tyskie beer – it certainly seemed popular enough.

After that, I’d give you a very quiet tour of the church – light, airy, very peaceful. I’d tell you what little I know about the Black Madonna of Czestochowa.

And then we’d go to the back of the compound, where the dancers (Wawel, a church troupe), magnificently turned out in traditional costumes too intricate to describe, are showing all manner of folk dances.

In between, we’d listen to Chris Rybak on accordion, mostly polkas and waltzes, and we’d notice that the dance floor doesn’t stay clear for long.

Because this is a fundraiser to pay off the Parish Hall, we’d finish with a quick turn through the silent auction… imports, gift certificates and goodies from local shops, and the like.

But, sadly, I’m not a writer. Cameras are my thing.

Besides, I’d only allocated 200 words for this piece, and that went out the window WAY back….

Enjoy the pictures.

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